Question: Do I have to have my car repaired at an insurance nominated garage?
Answer: No the choice of repairer is yours, please see know your rights.
Question: Do you guarantee work undertaken to my vehicle?
Answer: Yes for a minimum of 36 months or the remainder of the manufactures warranty.
Question: What payments am I liable for upon collection of my vehicle?
Answer: Any policy excess as advised by your insurance company, VAT content if your are registered, damage to the courtesy car ( if applicable ), any costs under the road traffic acts ( eg fines )
Question: Can i use your courtesy vehicle for going on holiday or extended travel?
Answer: No there is a limited mileage allowance on all our courtesy vehicles.
Question: Will you carry out any other bodywork I want?
Answer: Yes it is cost effective to have any additional work carried out at the same time as the insurance repair.
Question: Will genuine manufacture parts be used when replacement parts are required?
Answer: Yes we only ever fit genuine manufacture parts as standard.

Your rights after a road traffic accident

The insurer is obliged to tell their policy holder that they are free to choose a body repairer of their own choice.The insurer can make their client aware of their own approved network of repairers

THE FINAL CHOICE REMAINS WITH THE POLICYHOLDERContrary to common misconception only one estimate is actually required by insurance companies for a claim. As the owner of a vehicle you have the right to choose where it is to be repaired following an accident.